Terms and conditions

The organizer
Elrow party in organized in Bucharest, Romania by DECKS BOOKINGS & EVENTS SRL , CUI 35088073, Reg.Com. J40/12114/2015, from Bucuresti, sector 1, Str. Episcopiei, nr.7.

The digital platform
"elrow.ro" platform, "tixmondo.com" and "myk.ro" belong to Mykey Digital SRL, CUI: 44820207, Reg.Com: J40/14943/2021, Adresa: Strada Hrisovului nr.2-4, Bucuresti, Romania.

All orders are final and cannot be canceled or modified. You need to have over 18 years old in order to acquire and have access to the event.
For Internet orders, the following steps (described as Step 1-5) must be followed: Step 1 - select the event and tickets from the available ticket categories. Step 2 - accepting the terms and conditions agreement. Step 3 - checking the data that will appear on the electronic ticket - the name on the ticket, the amount and the dates of the event. Step 4 - order confirmation by elrow.ro

The payment
Tickets with value will be paid exclusively by credit card. Each ticket is valid only after full payment has been made. The The digital platform Order Administration Fee is variable and applies to all tickets sold through The digital platform.

For card payments, the beneficiary of the transaction is MYK DIGITAL SRL, Hrisovului Street no. 2-4, Ground floor, Bucharest. The payment operator that performs the banking operations is the company. LibraBank.

Delivery, Handling
The ticket, after order confirmation, is delivered in the form of an electronic ticket, and this ticket will be found in the buyer's account, on the My eTickets page. This ticket contains the name of the buyer, the ticket series, event data and a QR code / Barcode for identification. access

Access to the events where you purchased the ticket will be made, showing directly from the account or application the purchased electronic ticket. This ticket is NOT transferable, the entrance staff having the right at any time to request an identification document. In case the name from the identification card or the identification card does not correspond to the one on the ticket, the organizer will have the right to refuse access to that event. The barcode / QR code is unique and will be scanned at the entrance by an application offered by The digital platform

Cancellations, modifications, returns
elrow.ro is only a ticket distributor and accomodation re-seller and therefore cannot be held responsible for the return of money on access tickets or on accomodation. "The digital platform" representatives will, however, make every effort to determine the ticket organizers and hotels to return the money in case of cancellation. It should be mentioned that the return of electronic tickets or hotel booking reservation is exempted from the merchant's obligation to return the value of the tickets, an obligation existing in the case of distance products (OUG 34/2014, art. 16). In short: The merchant is not obliged to return the value of the tickets or money given for booking reservation, except in case of cancellation or change the dates or location of the concert. In case of returns, the price displayed on the electronic ticket and/or hotel room value will be returned in full. The price already includes pre-sale and system fees. In rare cases (price changes decided by the organizer, additional fees requested by the organizer, etc.), it may happen that the asking price is higher than the one printed on the ticket. In these cases, The digital platform can only return the price displayed on the electronic ticket or just the hotel room rate. All requests should be addressed direct to The organizer.

Return of tickets can begin as early as one week after the official announcement of the cancellation of the event. The organizers reserve the right to make minor program changes and distribution. In case of cancellation, postponement or major changes to the program or distribution, no other adjacent expenses (transportation, accommodation, delivery fees or other fees) will be refunded. In case of cancellation, postponement or major changes to the program or distribution, The organizer reserves the right to inform ticket buyers about these changes. This information is a voluntary service of the organizer and can be done by mail or electronically, by e-mail or sms, if the information provided by buyers was correct. For all disputes ( return of ticket price, reasons of cancelations, feedback during Elrow party) The organizer is responsible for decisions and actions.

Data protection
The user accepts that the data provided by him be processed electronically by The digital platform in order to execute the contract. Also, the user agrees that his data be used within the limits imposed by Law no. 677/2001 for the protection of persons regarding the processing of personal data and the free movement of these data, amended and supplemented, and Law no. 506/2004 on the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector. The user is informed that this acceptance can be revoked at any time.

Once the accommodation is acquired, this accommodation cannot be canceled.In case of force majeur the booking is canceled and the money are returned, except the adjiacent fees ( booking fee..)

Purpose, place of jurisdiction, applicable law The same terms and conditions of use apply to myK software licensees who use the myK system. The place of jurisdiction is the competent court in Bucharest, and for private consumers, the local court competitioner. The applicable laws are the laws of Romania.